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ACE Celebrates It's 40th Year of Musical Entertainment 1969-2009

Jim & Bob TullioJimmy & Bobby ACE
Jimmy & Bobby Tullio are the founders and co-managers of "ACE" for over 40 years. They saw the BEATLES in Las Vegas 1964 (they were 11) and were so inspired they immediately started a Lip-synch band (like The Monkey's) and performed at grammar schools. Couple months later, It was "Lil Willie G's" performance at All Saints School that got them involved with the Salesian H.S. music program under the late Bill Taggart.

In the summer of 1966, they formed their 1st Rock & Soul band "Exodus" and performed at the "Teen Age Fair" at the Hollywood Palladium and were noticed for playing the right tunes and got everyone on the dance floor. Their young teen fan base grew quickly and the gigs started to snowball. At 12 years old, they were the youngest band to appear at the Alhambra "Moonlight Sale" street scene and made the front page of the Alhambra Independent newspaper. By the next summer, music changes led them to introduce the new sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Iron Butterfly, The Doors, Cream, Buffalo Springfield, Steppenwolf and a whole new "psychedelic rock sound" seemed to be the new movement. They introduced a spectacular light show during the key songs and wore Hippie attire (check out the old pics). Couple years later, more changes led to joining friends from El Sereno to form "JAMAL". This was the new Latin Rock format to stay current with the radio tunes of Santana, Malo, El Chicano...etc. This quickly morphed in the summer of 1969 to form "Ace Trucking Company" and added a full brass section that changed it all - this was the summer of Chicago Transit Authority, Sly and the Family Stone, Blood Sweat & Tears, Buddy Miles and Tower of Power etc... Jimmy and Bobby "ACE" suddenly became bandleaders and performers now to the hottest band in LA dance circuit. They introduced new powerful tunes weekly and the So Cal promoters used them to draw huge crowds at all the major venues. The ACE Bros dedicate this website all those who have performed and contributed along this journey to keep this legacy going as long as our fans continue to support our music. The secret to their long-term success has been all the fun providing the best dance music and entertainment every gig with Heart, Body, and Soul.

Jimmy & Bobby Jimmy & Bobby Jimmy & Bobby Jimmy & Bobby Jimmy & Bobby

Miguel RonquilloMiguel Ronquillo on Trumpet
ACE's 1st official “Senior Citizen” that joined back in about 1979. Miguel had "big shoes" to fill as he replaced Jeff Lewis and Wayne Bergeron from the 70's. Miguel actually stepped up his role on trumpet and added his keyboards, singing all Spanish ballads, percussions, and contributes to the horn section parts and dance steps.

Mig’s roots were also in Eastside bands such as the "Atlantics" from South El Monte (managed by the infamous Eddie Davis) in the 60's. Before ACE was even thought of, Miguel was playing the famous South El Monte Legion Stadium, the Oxnard Skating rink, The Cinnamon Cinder in Hollywood, and most East LA hot spots while touring with the Atlantics promoting there Rampart release of "Fine Fine Fine" and "Beaver Shot" (single 45 record). Celebrating over 4 decades of stellar performances in ACE, Miguel is always ready to do the next exciting show.


Bobby RiosBobby Rios on Bass Guitar
Bobby Rios joined ACE early 70's almost 40 years ago when they transitioned from "Ace Trucking Company". Bobby has an extensive guitar background, and was no stranger to the energy and excitement on stage that ACE started to develop during the gigs. He was the former lead guitarist for East L.A. Battle of the Bands winner “Thee Showmen” in the late 60’s. He made the switch to bass guitar after hearing the Beatles “White Album” and can still play either. Bobby is one of the honorary lifetime band members and has been laying down the foundation for their many dance beats over all 4 decades.



Steve ChaconSteve ChaconSteve Chacon on Sax
Steve Chacon is also an "ACE" honorary "lifetime member" that joined almost 40 years ago in the early 70's. Steve was no stranger to the stage as a young musician out of S. El Monte started playing with Eric Weeks (now on drums with ACE almost 30 years) in "Thee Young Sounds". Jimmy & Bobby ACE met Steve at the Roger Young Auditorium as they were performing together when Steve was playing Tenor sax and singing in "Cold Sweat". After seeing Steve perform he was immediately recruited and started to rehearse in Steve's garage learning the most popular signature songs that featured his very high and versatile vocal range. At the same time a new 5-piece brass section was added and the rest is our 40-year history. Steve started to join in with Front man Jimmy Ace to co-ordinate key dance moves in their act. As the crowds started to respond by the electricity and entertainment they created on stage, Steve added choreography to include the entire horn section and has evolved to the dance routines and audience participation seen today at all their shows. His contributions to the music and entertainment are endless over the past 4 decades and can always count on Stevie to light up the stage and audience at every performance.

Eric Weeks Eric WeeksEric Weeks on Drums
Eric Weeks on drums is our official “USC Trojan” who also played in other Eastside bands with us back in the early 70’s. Eric worked at Johnny Thompson’s Music while going to USC and sold most of us our band Equipment years ago. His funky beat was added in the early 80’s now celebrating 30 years with ACE.


Ray SantillianRay Santillan on Trombone
Ray Santillian joined ACE on July 4th 2010 and is no stranger to the L.A. Music scene. He was invited to come and jam at their annual July 4th concert/ firework show in Ontario and had such a positive impact on stage; he was recruited immediately as their permanent Trombone player. Ray has shared the stage with "ACE' over the years in the many bands he played for I.e....."Fast Company, Los Lobos, The Mob, Sophistifunk, Best of Friends, The Nation of Aztlan, The Steve Salas Band", and his own group "Connection the Band" (opened for many headliners).

Ray's extensive background in music and experience as a section player has made immediate impact to the quality and power of the ACE brass section, vocals, and percussions. I suggest you meet Ray in person if you have not....You will find a team player with a positive attitude, and his great sense of humor is contagious.


Rudy RosasRudy Rosas on Keyboards
Rudy Rosas started New Years Eve with a special celebration-joining ACE as their most recent official member to join the ACE band Rhythm section in over 30 years. Rudy started to play the Hollywood rock/punk scene with bands like The Street and Vienna from the late 70's to about the early 90's. As music was changing, he made the leap over to "Top 40 Dance music" with his own band called Nitegroove and also provided music for a local cable Variety talk show "E.L.A. after Dark". He continued on playing with Rio, Connection the Band, and other local groups. He was established as the on-call keyboardist for Nation of Aztlan, Impulse, and many other bands on the Eastside. Along the way he played several studio sessions and ended up on The Blazer's " East Side Soul" CD, and Cesar Rosas (his Brother from Los Lobos) "Soul Disguise" CD plus others. Rudy's music background and years of stage experience allow him to make immediate contributions to the music. A warm welcome Rudy Rosas, the most recent to join forces with ACE and perform with Heart, Body, and Soul.





1975 - Bob, Jim and Steve at the famous Ivanhoe Club in Temple City where the ACE band performed through 1979 to a sold out crowd every Sunday night. A line of ACE fans waited patiently to get in by forming a line down Las Tunas Blvd. and around the block (Big Hair, Big Shoes, Big Sound, Big Crowd)
Lil Jimmy Ace
1972 - Little Jimmy Ace - peforming at Salesian High School's homecomming dance (it was their first ever sell out-opening song was "Saturday in the Park") Notice the tape on his fingers, as well as lead vocals he also played congas and 2nd trumpet.
1973 - Ace Bass player, Bob Rios our "honorary lifetime Ace member" and bouncer, has created our funky, soul and rock n' roll dance groove for over 30 years. Also here with Albert Barron (noted latin jazz artist) who performed with ACE in the ELA Battle of the Bands in the spring of 1973. Albert was our first horn player added to the band in 1969 and played through 1974 when he performed "on the road" for years and now back working with another latin jazz group in the LA area.
Bob Rios - Albert
A vintage shot of Ronny when he joined us to play many keyboards. His wide array of musical talent and hard work stem from his Motown roots in Detroit. Ron's contributions to ACE's song arrangements, vocal harmonies, & stellar showmanship, have been endless since he joined over 30 years ago.
1973 – “Bobby Ace” coming up the rising stage at E.L.A. College for the E.L.A. “Battle of the Bands” competition finals (love the 70’s leisure suit.)
Bobby Ace
Miguel Ronquillo
1983 - Miguel Ronquillo on trumpet, keybords and vocals
Eric Weeks on drums is our official “USC Trojan” who also played in other Eastside bands with us back in the early 70’s. Eric worked at Johnny Thompson’s Music while going to USC and sold most of us our band Equipment years ago. His funky beat was added in the early 80’s now celebrating 30 years with ACE.
Eric Weeks


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